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Start Using the Advertising Option Icon:

Icon for Enhanced Notice The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) establishes and enforces responsible privacy practices across industry for relevant digital online advertising, providing consumers with enhanced transparency and control. Through multifaceted Principles that apply to data gathered from a particular device in either the desktop or mobile environments, the DAA program addresses practices for multi-site data collection and use generally. The DAA is an independent, non-profit organization led by the leading advertising and marketing trade associations.

The DAA’s Principles apply to interest-based advertising (sometimes called online behavioral advertising) and other applicable uses of Web viewing and application data collected from a particular computer or device over time and across different, unaffiliated Web sites and apps.

A prominent feature of the DAA's program is enhanced notice via an icon - the DAA Icon illustrated above - to clearly inform consumers about data collection and use practices. Entities participating in the program may use the DAA Icon and one of the approved wordings to represent adherence to the DAA Principles and as a means for providing enhanced notice of interest-based advertising practices.

If your organization is interested in finding out about how to acquire the DAA "YourAdChoices" Icon for use in connection with the self-regulatory program, please visit our B2B Digital Advertising Alliance site.


Who's Participating? Click Here to see a list of companies participating in the DAA Program.


Register for our Consumer Choice Tools:

Third Parties engaged in data collection covered by the DAA Principles are encouraged to participate in our two Consumer Choice tools - WebChoices and AppChoices. Consumers can easily opt-out of some or all Choice Tool participating companies' collection and use of Web-viewing and app-usage data for interest-based advertising and other applicable uses. If your company is interested in being listed on WebChoices or AppChoices, please visit our B2B Digital Advertising Alliance site.

Please note that participation in these programs requires separate registration and fees.


Learn How to Implement the Principles:

If you would like to learn more about the Principles please click here. To learn how your company can implement the Principles, please review these Implementation Guide materials:


Report a Complaint:

If you believe that you have witnessed a practice or ad that may violate the Principles, you can report the incident to either The Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) or the Association of National Advertisers' Data Marketing Analytics division (DMA).  Complaints may be filed by consumers, business entities or other stakeholders.